TikTok Opponents In High Of App Retailer by Paying Customers who Watch Movies

TikTok Opponents In High Of App Retailer by Paying Customers who Watch Movies

May 31, 2020


TikTok now has a competitor, an application called Zynn. The Zynn application almost resembles TikTok.
Even so, Zynn provides payments to users who sign up, watch videos, and invite others to participate in downloading.

Citing The Verge page, Sunday (05/31/2020), the Zynn application was released in early May.
Mashable report said, the Zynn application is now the number one free application in the App Store application store. While on Google Play, Zynn entered the list of top 10 Android applications.
The media considers Zynn a TikTok clone application. Because this application has an interface similar to TikTok.
Both also present portrait-oriented short video content. The difference is a countdown timer with a dollar sign floating in each video on Zynn. Use thePointTokTok System. Doc: money.com When a user watches a video, the timer will turn on and give points. Later these points can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
Reportedly a number of people have uploaded videos on YouTube that show payment receipts.
Zynn is a TikTok competitor video application that is both funded by Chinese companies. Zynn’s creator is Kuaishou, a startup that gets a lot of funding from Tencent. Funding of USD 2 billion. Do the Same Way in China TikTok illustration via Google Play Store Thus, this application is now number two after Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.
In China, Kuaishou uses a similar technique, which pays users to grow. In the end, companies can make money selling advertisements. While in the US, Zynn hasn’t run ads.

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