Google Kick Racist Application from Play Store

Google Kick Racist Application from Play Store

June 5, 2020


Google has removed an application made by Indian developers from the Play Store application store. The application in question is called Remove Chinese Apps.
As the name suggests, this application promises the ability to delete applications from China from the owner’s smartphone.

Citing the Verge page, Friday (06/06/2020), Google removed this application because it was considered to violate Google’s policies. In the Deceptive Behavior policy, Google prohibits software from pushing or misleading users to “delete or deactivate third-party applications.”
For your information, this ‘racist application’ eraser of Chinese applications arises when there is a dispute on the Himalayan border that drives anti-Chinese sentiment in India.
Tech Crunch noted, this siatuasi also caused several Indian celebrities to call on their fans to remove applications developed by developers from China.
One example is the appeal to delete the TikTok application from users’ smartphones. Already Downloaded 5 Million Times The TikTok application on the Google Play Store. (Doc: Google Play Store) Before being removed from the Play Store, the Remove Chinese Apps application was quite popular in India. Reports from Reuters earlier said, this racist application has been downloaded more than 5 million times since May 2020. In fact, the Remove Chinese Apps application was trending in India.
The developer of the Remove Chinese Apps application, OneTouch AppLabs, commented on the matter of removing their application from the Play Store.
They claim, the application is intended for educational purposes and does not “promote or force people to delete other applications.” TikTok and UC Browser are Targeted Applications of the Tiktok application racist illustration. (iStockPhoto) Based on information, the Remove Chinese Apps application works by scanning the smartphone to find out the applications made by Chinese developers. Examples of applications that are netted are TikTok made by ByteDance and UC Browser belonging to Alibaba.
Meanwhile, if none of the applications made by Chinese developers are found on smartphones, there will be a pop-up message that says “You are great, no Chinese (artificial) applications are found.”
Still because of the tension between India and China, users in India are directing their anger at the TikTok application. This also makes the TikTok alternative application, namely Mitron, suddenly popular.
Later, Mitron was removed by Google because it was considered to violate Google’s policies.

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