Fb Customers Can Delete Many Older Posts at As soon as, Here is How

Fb Customers Can Delete Many Older Posts at As soon as, Here is How

June 4, 2020

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Having old uploads or posts stored on Facebook sometimes makes us embarrassed and wants to delete them immediately.

If you have to delete them one by one, this will take longer. Especially if the user has a lot of old uploads that you want to delete.

But now, Facebook has a feature that allows users to delete many posts at once.

The feature is named Manage Activity. With this feature, Facebook users will be able to more easily delete posts and save their time.

The way to use this feature is quite easy. Users simply enter the profile page through the Facebook application on the mobile. Then select the “activity log” menu.

In the menu the user will find the “manage activity” option. In this menu, users can mark which posts they want to delete or move into the archive.

Not only that, with this feature users can also narrow down the search for older posts by using the “filter” menu.

“This can make it easier for users to set up their image on Facebook to be recognized by the public and reflect who they are,” Facebook wrote in its official blog.

Summarized from Tech Crunch, Thursday (4/6/2020), this feature was first available for Facebook Lite version for Android and iOS, as wellmobile web.

Based on observation, this feature can also be used by users in Indonesia.

“We will continue to build new functionality for this feature to ensure it can meet the needs of Facebook users to manage their digital footprint on Facebook,” Facebook closed.

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